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So you are considering getting your first place and are thinking about buying a condo. Condos like the units in Fitch Meadow inside South Windsor can make a great option for a first time buyer. What is vital as you evaluate the units in Fitch Meadow to compare all of them with other complex’s in South Windsor to decide if condo living is perfect for you?

1. Complex Facilities: Each South Windsor CT condo complex like Fitch Meadow has different services. Does the complex have a pool? Basketball or Tennis court? Recreation room? A gym? Which of these is essential to you? Realize that the more amenities the complex has it is likely that the monthly HOA dues will be higher.

2. Design and appearance of condo: There are different forms of condos, ranch, garden, townhouse. Some complexes have only a few units in a building; others have many units in each building, and some might have units below or above your own. Understand the actual differences to each design, and select one that you will enjoy living in. Do you prefer the exterior colors, in a condo you likely can't change them.

3. Location of the condo inside the complex: Corner units tend to be in more demand. They usually have just one side neighbor, additional windows and better views. In addition to corner units, take into consideration how far in the complex the unit is situated. Do you wish to be right near the entrance of the complex, or do you like the privacy of being among the last units? Almost everywhere in South Windsor CT is a convenient location, but also consider where in South Windsor Fitch Meadow is located.

4. Are there any limits to what you are allowed to do with your condo: Are pets allowed? Can you barbecue on your outdoor patio? Can you fly a the flag? Can you have a motorcycle, or a work truck? You will have an opportunity to review the rules of the complex (as well as accept or reject them as a whole) as part of your purchase. You should also get answers to the most important ones like pets or perhaps work trucks if they matter to you before making an offer.

5. HOA Dues: HOA stands for “Home Owners Association” dues. Each complex such as Fitch Meadow in South Windsor has dues so that they can settle the bills of the association. Nearly all dues are based on the features and services given to unit owners such as lawn care, snow removal, trash removal, pool maintenance, and in addition money set aside to pay for of the maintenance of streets, or other exterior items. For the most part, HOA dues are based on square footage of your unit..

6. Management of the complex:: How is the Fitch Meadow being taken care of? Is the exterior within good repair? Landscaping maintained? Are the roads along with parking lots in good repair? Is the fitness equipment up to date, does the gym looks clean over all? Does it appear that overall there's a pride of ownership?

7. Financial health of the complex: Ask to see the budget for Fitch Meadow in South Windsor CT, and if there is a long term program in place for long term major upkeep. If you will be using a bank loan to purchase your unit there may be requirements that a percentage of monthly HOA dues be put aside for large projects such as roofs or siding replacement. Ask if there have been or are they planning on any special assessments. If the complex is it could indicate that the complex doesn’t set aside adequate money for major repairs which could cause havoc on your month to month budget. Also ask if there is any pending litigation against Fitch Meadow, if there is this might also keep you from having the ability to finance your new condo.

Are you ready now to start your search for a condo in South Windsor CT, including condos for sale in Fitch Meadow? On you will find all of the condos for sale in South Windsor in one place, along with local professionals ready to answer your questions.


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