Windsor Locks Real Estate Agent - Why Should You Hire A Buyers Agent?

Windsor Locks Real Estate Agent.  Buying your first home is a wonderful and bewildering expereince.  Where do you start, what do you do, the questions.  2 things that are important.  1st financing and 2nd the house.  Windsor Locks Real Estate Agent

When it comes to the financing you want to make sure you are able to buy a home, and that you are realistic in your search to what you are able to finance.  You want to look into financing first so that you can make any improvements you need like repairing your credit if need be before it is to late. 

2nd step is finding a Windsor Locks Real Estate Agent.  They will help you to find properties for sale in Windsor Locks and the surrounding areas.  As a buyer you should be able to have the help of a Real Estate Agent without cost since the seller usually pays for that service, but discuss costs with your agent before agreeing the have them help you find a home.  A Windsor Locks Real Estate Agent can help you to learn about the properties available in town, help you to decided what are important features you in your new home, when you have found a home you would like to purchase to negitaite with the seller and then help you complete your purchase.

If you would like a referral to a Windsor Locks Real Estate Agent, give me a call at 860-306-8029.


For most people buying a home is the largest investment they will ever make. Because of this you need the guidance of an experienced real estate professional to help you avoid costly mistakes.

The advantages of using a real estate professional are many:

  • Knowledge of the neighborhoods, schools and condition of the local real estate market. If they don't have first hand knowledge of an area then they probably know a fellow real estate professional who does.
  • A real estate professional is experienced in negotiating price.
  • By working with you, a real estate professional will know what interests you and watch for new homes on the market that match those interests.
  • By knowing what you want, a real estate professional can help you focus on your needs and not let you get sidetracked by amenities that don't add value to your purchase.
  • A real estate professional has working relationships with appraisers, inspectors, mortgage lenders, title insurers, movers, attorneys, etc. These relationships make the entire buying process much smoother than it would if you had to find all these resources yourself.
  • Get you a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) so you know what comparable homes in the area are selling for.
  • A great resource of information throughout the searching, offering, closing process and after you move into your new home.

As a real estate professional I'm thoroughly versed in all phases of the home buying process, be sure to use that experience to your advantage. I'm here to help.

There are 2 more things to consider when looking for an agent:

1. Not All Agents are created equally, so it is in your best interest to meet & speak with 2 - 3 agents to see if the chemistry is there first and foremost. Let's face it, we all have differences of opinion and you should feel comfortable with the person you want working for you.

2. Service is one of the key differences that will set us apart when it comes to meeting your needs. Some agents will be available more than others, maybe consider hiring an agent that specializes within a certain area as they may in fact provide better service than someone not as familiar with the locations you like.

The most important consideration no matter who you choose to work with is you will in most cases be far better off with an agent than without. When you find the right person for you it will take a load of worry off and save you lots of time when you have an expert that provides you the very best in service.

Please feel free to call or email me with any questions.

Steve Vitani - Power Realty, LLC


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