Windsor Locks Home For Sale - Top 5 Vibes Given Off By Homes For Sale


Windsor Locks Homes For Sale.  This is an excellent article.  Look at enough Windsor Locks Homes For Sale and you will see all of the different "vibes".  I have to agree that getting your house to have a winning vibe will come from a Realtor and addressing anything to might not give it a winning vibe upfront before you list the house for sale.

Are you looking to buy Windsor Locks Home For Sale that doesn't have a winning vibe?  A rehab loan may be what you need.  Get the money you need to purchase the home and what you need to add the "happy vibe" all in one loan.  Take care of the neglected items, update the outdated items, correct the weird layout, update the dated cosmetic items.  For more information on renovation loans, check out this post Connecticut FHA 203k Rehab Loan.

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I have been a buyer's agent in Colorado Springs for awhile now and each time I take a buyer into a home, they usually make a comment within the first 5 seconds of entering the home.

I have a theory that each home has a "Vibe" to it and that vibe is noticed immediately.

The questions is- If your home is for sale, which Vibe do you want to portray?

Here they are from the point of view of the buyer looking at your home.

Vibe #1- Home has been neglected and may be bank owned. This vibe shows through the curb appeal (or lack thereof) with the weeds and trashy yard. When you walk inside this home, you usually see immediate repairs that need to be tended to. Often times the heat and lights are off in this home and it gives off a really bad vibe. This home could also be a divorce situation where they just want OUT. This type of home has one hope for getting sold- PRICE. It must be lower than the comps in the area.

Vibe #2- I like to call this home vibe The Outdated Vibe. When you walk in this home, the first thing the buyer will comment about is the ugly color carpet or the old style fixtures. When you walk around this home, it may be clean, but it could have been built in 1970, 1980 or any other time that you FEEL when walking through the home. It may have window treatments that are nice, but in mauve and baby blue. Also, this home could have some really tacky wallpaper in the kitchen and bathrooms. There is really nothing WRONG with this home except the fact that it is living in a time warp. Some buyers can see past this and picture updates, but only if the PRICE is right. By RIGHT, I mean lower than the comps in the area.

Vibe #3- This home is what I call the "Weird Layout" Vibe. When you walk in this house you feel it immediately. It may even start from outside the home where you have to take a path to the door that is on the side of the house in a weird location. You may see a coat closet in the dining room or a weird shaped kitchen that doesn't allow any space for standing- much less eating. This home could have a huge formal living room and teeny tiny bedrooms. You wonder what the person was thinking who designed this home. The layout  is not practical for most of the population. Unfortunately, the ONLY hope for selling this one is PRICE. Again, it must be lower than the comps in the area.

Vibe #4- "Old People" Vibe. Now, I am not being mean here, I promise!  I have older parents, and many elderly clients that I dearly love, but buyers have commented to me on this vibe more than some of the others. They say "You can tell that elderly people live here."  When you walk around this home it is usually similar to the outdated vibe. Usually you see TONS of pictures on every inch of the walls and on every table imaginable. The grandkids are cute. However, the house smells a bit like Ponds Cream and usually is decorated with lace and doilies. There is some serious oldantique furniture throughout the home. I think this home is usually a very easy fix if you get a stager involved. It is sometimes hard to convince these sellers that you sell a house differently than you live in it. A stager will help these sellers appeal to all types and ages of buyers and possibly get them as much money as Vibe #5.

Vibe #5- "Smiley Face Vibe" When my buyers walk into this type of home I have seen a visceral reaction from them. They fall in love. They make comments like "OOOHHH, AHHHHH, This is SOOOO Nice." Now, this vibe often comes from brand new homes, completely remodeled homes or a home that has been staged to perfection. It is spotless and clutter-free.  When I walk in a home and feel this vibe, usually my buyer does, too. This home is the one you see when it is sold that brought the higher price. If I take my buyer to look at 5 homes, guess which one they want to put an offer on usually?

If you are asking yourself, "How do I make sure I give off that special VIBE to buyers?" I have your answer. Hire a Realtor that can help you by either suggesting improvements or pointing you in the right direction with a great stager. If the home needs TLC, it is easier to do it as it needs it, but an experienced Realtor can help before you put it on the market.

It is all about making a great first impression and presenting a winning VIBE!


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